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  • Locations: Ghent, Belgium
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester
  • Restrictions: Mason applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA (Undergraduate): 2.5 Minimum GPA (Graduate): 3.0
Language of Instruction: English Number of Credits Offered: 12-16
Eligible Population: 02 Sophomore, 03 Junior, 04 Senior, Graduate Type of Program: Bilateral Exchange
Click here for a definition of this term Area of Study: Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Art History, African and African American Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, History Click here for a definition of this term Course Equivalency Database: View Approved Courses
Program eligible for VA Benefits: No
Program Description:

Ghent University

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent University
Ghent University is a major public university founded in 1817 in Ghent, Belgium. With over 44,000 students enrolled it is ranked as one of the top 100 Universities in Europe. It is located on the Flanders side of Belgium and offers classes both in Dutch and in English. It is considered a pluralist university - meaning it is not connected with either a political or religious ideology. With a mix of humanities and social science programs, and located in the center between Paris and Amsterdam, it offers the combination of rigorous study and adventure.

Application cycles are open one semester at a time. Applications for the fall/academic year will open around December 1 of the year prior and applications for spring/calendar year will open around July 1 of the year prior.​​

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In order to participate in this program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Students must have completed at least 45 credits at the time of departure.
    • For students applying for fall or academic year programs, this total does not include summer coursework that has yet to be completed.
  • Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of application and departure.
  • Students planning to study abroad in the last semester of their senior year should discuss this with their GEO program administrator and major advisor as this may affect their ability to graduate on time.
  • This program is open to students who major or seek to minor in Global Health.
  • Recent transfer students cannot study abroad their first semester (not including summer) at Mason.

Credit Conversion

Students are expected to take a full-time course load during their time at Ghent University. A full-time course load is 30 ECTS units. A typical course is worth 6 ECTS credits.

2 ECTS = 1 Mason Credit.

This will allow you to transfer between 12-16 credits back to Mason per semester.

Grade Conversion

When transferring courses back to Mason, the credits will transfer but the grade will not. However, you must receive the equivalent of a "C" or above in order to transfer your credit back. Refer to the table below regarding how grades are converted at Ghent University.

Ghent University Grade Mason Grade
16/20 - 20/20 A
14/20 - 15.99/20 B
12/20 - 13.99/20 C
10/20 - 11.99/20 *
0 - 9.99/20 F


Choosing Courses Abroad

Three faculties are part of the exchange agreement with Ghent University. Students studying at Ghent may study at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy. Students can find links to the course lists below. Ghent University relies on the ECTS system of credits, which transfer back to Mason at the rate of about 2:1. You should expect to take 30 ECTS Credits at Ghent per semester.

Ghent English Course Exchange Catalog
  • Academic areas are listed in Flemish in the catalog, but if you take a guess and click on the box, the next page is in English. (If not, there should be an "In English" button on the top right of your screen.)

Course Equivalency and Plan of Study

The Global Education Office has a Course Evaluation and Registration System (CERS), which you will use to complete the steps needed to evaluate your courses abroad, and see how they will count at Mason. This database is accessible whether you have already applied, or are just beginning to think about studying abroad. Look at the courses in the database. You are by no means limited to these courses. The database shows courses that have already been evaluated. You can request equivalency for any course not yet evaluated, through CERS.

You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to look at this institution’s courses ahead of time to see how they will match up to your Mason degree requirements. Talk to your academic advisor about what courses you will need to receive credit for during your time abroad to stay on-track for your degree. When looking at courses keep in mind that course schedules can change. We recommend having twice as many courses approved as necessary.


Academic Calendar

At Ghent University, the academic year is divided into 2 semesters.  The Fall Term begins in late September and finishes at the end of December. Final exams are conducted in January. The Spring semester begins at the beginning of February and finishes at the end of May. Final exams are conducted in June.

Academic Calendar

Some coursework deadlines may be set in the first half of January. Students with deadlines after the winter vacation who have to leave London before these deadlines should endeavor to complete all assignments before they leave. If a student decides not to do this, they must ensure that they submit the assessment via the agreed method of submission by the Belgian timezone deadline.

Global Understanding

Students participating in this study abroad program will automatically fulfill the Mason Global Understanding core requirement.


At Ghent University, we recommend you use on campus housing. Units have communal kitchens, common rooms, laundry and bicycle parking. You will also stay in a single room.Bathrooms are shared by small groups of rooms and 

Program Cost 

This is a Bilateral Exchange Program. Students are enrolled as regular students at the partner university, pay Mason tuition to Mason, and pay room and board abroad. Students can use the budget sheets located at the top of this page to see what GEO estimates as expenses.

Program Payments

As this is a Bilateral Exchange Program, students will pay for their tuition as they normally do in PatriotWeb.

Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $200 for Mason students. This fee is paid online through the MasonAbroad application system.

Administrative Fee: A non-refundable administrative fee of $325 (for semester length programs) or $525 (for year-long programs) must be received in order to confirm your enrollment in the program. This fee is paid online through the MasonAbroad application system.

Financial Aid: Students using financial aid are encouraged to talk to their counselor regarding how their financial aid can transfer to their program.


GEO offers a number of need- and merit-based scholarships. All Mason students are welcome to apply:

Application Deadline:

Fall/Academic Year: Mid March
Spring/Calendar Year: Late October

Visa Information

Once accepted into a program, it will be your responsibility to apply for a student visa and/or residence permit (if required, based on your citizenship). You will receive details on this with your acceptance letter. Do not apply for a visa until after you have been officially accepted.

Ghent University will apply for a visa and/or a residence permit on behalf of the exchange student (if necessary). Students will be informed about the procedure after submitting their application.

Application requirements:*

Application fee: $ 200 for Mason students.

Official Transcripts: An official copy of your Mason transcript is required as well as copies of official transcripts from any other college or university you have attended.

Passport Status: If you do not have a valid passport, you should begin applying for one now.

Signature Documents: Read and electronically "sign" the documents.

Questionnaires: Read and complete the documents according to the instructions.

*Additional paperwork may be required for this program and can be viewed inside your application.

Application instructions:

GEO Program Administrator

Name Martha Sadler
Phone 703-993-2154
  Make an appointment

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.