GEO Financial Statement of Responsibility

GEO Program Payment and Financial Responsibility 

In order to participate in this program, I understand that I am responsible for paying the full advertised program cost to the George Mason University Global Education Office (GEO) based on the schedule below. 


  • The full program cost will be posted to your George Mason student account. 
  • George Mason University applies payments to outstanding charges first. If you have an outstanding balance your payments will first go to paying that charge. You will still be responsible for the GEO charge too.


$200 Application Deposit: A non-refundable application deposit of $200 is due upon application for all programs except External Program and Build Your Own Internship applications. 
The application deadlines for all programs except internships are:
Summer and Fall Programs March 10 
Winter and Spring Semester Programs  October 10
Spring Break Programs  November 10 
The application deadlines for internships are:
Partner Travel Programs
Virtual and Build Your Own
February 10th (for most partners)/March 10th
April 10th
Winter and Spring:
Partner Travel Programs
Virtual and Build Your Own
October 10th
November 10th
Build Your Own
June 10th
July 10th

The application fee deposit is made through your application in MasonAbroad and is non-refundable.

$300 or $500 Administrative Fee: A non-refundable administrative fee of $300 for semester-long or $500 for year-long Exchange or External program applicants is due at commitment. The administrative fee is made through your application in MasonAbroad. This is not due for other GEO programs.

Payment of the remaining program balance is due the first day of the semester in which the program takes place. Approximately:
Fall Programs  August 24 
Winter Programs  January 25 
Spring Programs  January 25 
Spring Break Programs  January 25 
Summer Programs  May 17 
See Mason Payment Schedule for more details. 

Final payments for study abroad program fees are made by credit card or electronic check through the Mason Bill+Payment system or by check through the Mason Cashier’s Office. 

Commitment & Withdrawal

$1000 withdrawal penalty: Once you Commit to your program after acceptance you agree to pay a $1000 withdrawal penalty and any GEO non-recoverable costs. Depending on your withdrawal date this could be the full program cost. Do not commit to the program until you are sure of your intent to participate and are ready to accept all financial obligations related to your participation in the program. 
Click the “commit” button to confirm your enrollment by: 
Fall Programs  April 20 
Fall Virtual/Online Programs  July 10 
Fall Build Your Own Internship Programs  August 1
Winter Break Programs  October 20 
Winter Break Build Your Own Internship Programs  Dec 1 
Spring and Spring Break Programs  November 20 
Summer Internship (Partner Travel) Programs  February 20 
Summer Programs (Including Virtual Internships) March 20 
Summer Build Your Own Internship Programs  May 1 

100% Liability: If a participant cancels/withdraws, voluntarily or involuntarily (including dismissal from the program), after the following dates, the participant is 100% liable for program costs: 
Fall and Fall Semester of Calendar Year  Programs June 25 
Fall Virtual/Online Programs July 10
Fall Build Your Own Internship Programs  August 1
Winter Break Programs November 25 
Winter Break Build Your Own Internship Programs  December 1 
Spring and Spring Semester of Academic Year Programs December 10 
Spring Break  December 10 
Summer Programs April 1 
Summer Build Your Own Internship Programs  May 1 

Financial Aid 

In most cases, financial aid can be used for study abroad programs. If you plan to use federal, state, institutional financial aid, scholarships, grants or loans to finance your study abroad: 
  • Mark “Yes” to “Do you plan to use Financial Aid to finance your program?” in your profile in and 
  • Complete the Financial Aid questionnaire item in your application. 
  • Schedule an appointment with your financial aid officer to review your financial aid package in light of your participation in study abroad. 
Only the Office of Financial Aid can determine your aid eligibility. 
Confirmation of your financial aid award may not be available until registration and billing for the term in question is final. 
If aid eligibility changes, or the amount of aid disbursed is lower than anticipated, students must pay all remaining account balances or risk late fees, holds on their accounts, and program dismissal. 
For more information on payments, including the financial aid process, please click here

VA Benefits

The VA determines if a program is eligible to receive VA benefit payments based on the participants VA education program. Use of benefits is dependent on type of benefit and type of program. If you plan to use VA benefits to finance study abroad contact your program administrator at [MasonLed, GoIntern, IntlEx] to request the "Intent to Use VA Benefits Form." You will complete that form with the Office of Military Services. To contact Military Services be sure to email them directly at 

Financial Responsibility

I accept full responsibility for coordinating timely payment for all program fees associated with this Global Education Office study abroad program and for following university procedures for financial aid, loan, and scholarship(s) disbursement. I am responsible for making payment of all remaining account balances in accordance with the program payment schedule above, and I am responsible for all late fees and/or costs for collection of fees in accordance with standard University procedures. Non-payment of fees will jeopardize my continuing participation in the program and may result in withdrawal or dismissal. I understand I will still be liable for costs in this case.  
By electronically signing this statement, I certify that I have read and understand the above provisions, as well as the GEO Withdrawal and Refund Policy, and agree to be bound thereby. 
Updated 7/12/2022