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Courses Available to Incoming Exchange Students

Students coming to Mason are strongly advised to pay close attention to the prerequisites for each course and to make sure that any such equivalents have been completed at their home institutions prior to course registration. Prerequisites are listed in the Mason Course Catalog.

  • Course Restrictions:
    • Undergraduate Nursing courses
    • Courses offered at the Antonin Scalia Law School
    • BMGT courses in the Master of Science in Management Program
Patriotweb Schedule of Classes
Mason Course Catalog

Five Levels in the Education System

Level Description
100 Level Courses undergraduate - introductory level
200 Level Courses* undergraduate - intermediate level
300 Level Courses* undergraduate - advanced level
400 Level Courses undergraduate - advanced level
500-800 LEVEL COURSES** graduate level
* Most exchange students take courses at the 200, 300, or 400 levels, but you are advised to consult with your advisor at home prior to selecting courses to ensure that you can transfer your credits upon completion of your study abroad.
** IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO COMBINE GRADUATE AND UNDERGRADUATE COURSES: If you apply as an undergraduate student, you are required to take classes numbered 100-499; if you apply as a graduate student, you are required to take classes numbered 500 and above.


  • Undergraduate students at Mason generally take 4-5 classes per semester; graduate students take 3 classes per semester.
  • Most classes count as 3 credits, which equals a total of 12-15 credits per semester for undergraduates and 9 credits per semester for graduates.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in at least 12 credits to maintain proper visa status but no more than 16 credits. Graduate students must enroll in at least 9 credits to maintain proper visa status but no more than 12 credits (9 credits is the recommended course load).

Student Work Load

Exchange students must be enrolled full-time at George Mason University.

  • The full-time undergraduate course load is 12-16 credits per semester.
  • The full-time graduate course load is 9 credits per semester.
  • Credit points apply to all subjects and represent a measure of the student workload by subject.
  • A credit normally represents one hour per week of lecture or recitation or not fewer than two hours per week of laboratory work throughout a semester. The number of credits is a measure of the quantity of work required. In general, 15 contact hours equals one credit at Mason.


  • A 3-credit course can be 3 hours of lecture and / or one seminar per week for the duration of one semester.
  • A 4-credit course can be 4 hours of lecture and / or one seminar per week for the duration of the semester.
  • One semester usually equals 16 weeks.
  • Credit value does not take into account individual study required outside of class. These studies are a necessary for academic success at Mason.
General ECTS/US credit conversion
1 US credit 2 ECTS credits

Grading System

Grades are a measure of the quality of the student’s work. The faculty of record (the professor assigned to teach the course) must assign a grade to all enrolled students at the end of the semester, term, or part of term. For grades applicable to graduate courses, see the Graduate Grading section. The university-wide system for undergraduate grading is as follows:

A+ 4.00 Passing
A 4.00 Passing
A- 3.67 Passing
B+ 3.33 Passing
B 3.00 Passing
B- 2.67 Passing
C+ 2.33 Passing
C 2.00 Passing
C- 1.67 Passing
D 1.00 Passing
F 0.00 Failing

No credit toward graduation accrues from a failing grade or a grade that is replaced by a retaken course. While this is the official George Mason University academic policy, your home institution may have different requirements for grades transferred from Mason. Make sure you check the transfer credit grading policy with your home institution's study abroad coordinator and your academic counselor.

More detailed information on George Mason University's academic policies may be found in the University Catalog.

Schedule of Classes

Spring Semester Courses Fall Semester Courses
available in October available in March
Patriotweb Schedule of Classes

Course Registration

The Global Education Officer has a Registration Specialist who will assist you in registering for classes. For assistance, please contact

  • Undergraduate students must be registered for 12-16 credits
  • Graduate students must be registered for 9 credits.

How to Register
Wait List Explanation
Common Registration Errors

Step 1: Access to Patriot Web

  • Patriot Web allows you to register for classes and make payments.

Step 2: Register or Complete the Course Override Request Form

  • If you plan on registering for a class that does not have prerequisites, go ahead and add that to your schedule.
  • If you’d like to register for a course that has prerequisites, fill out the Course Override Request questionnaire (see Prerequisites). The Registration Specialist will obtain registration approval from the appropriate department and let you know once you are approved to register for the course.

Registration Guide
Schedule of Classes
Course Catalog
Calendar and Dates

Common Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
TBA To Be Announced
NET means that at least a portion of the course is taught online.
Mason Building Codes


Prerequisites are classes you must complete before enrolling in the class you want to take. It is NOT possible to take a course and its prerequisite at the same time. You must take the prerequisite first. You will not be allowed to register for courses if you have not taken courses equivalent to the prerequisites at your home institution prior to studying at Mason. Prerequisites are listed in the Mason Course Catalog.

Example 1

Course Prerequisite
COMM 301 – Foundations of Interpersonal Communication COMM 200 with a grade of C or better

This means that you must have completed an equivalent of Communication Theory (COMM 200) with a grade equivalent to a C or better before you can take COMM 301.

Example 2

Course Prerequisite
FNAN 301 - Financial Management ECON 103, ACCT 203, and OM 210 with C or better; sophomore standing

This means that you must have completed an equivalent of Contemporary Microeconomic Principles (ECON 103), Survey of Accounting (ACCT 203), AND Statistical Analysis for Management (OM 210) at your home university with an equivalent of a C or better in all three. You also need to be at least in your second year of your bachelor’s degree program.

Question Y/N Explanation
Can I take ECON 103 and FNAN 301 in the same semester?


you have to complete ECON 103 before taking FNAN 301
Can I take ACCT 203 and FNAN 301 in the same semester?


you have to complete ACCT 203 before taking FNAN 301
Can I take FNAN 301 if this is my first year of being a college student?


you have to be at least in your second year of university studies to take this class
Can I take ECON 103, ACCT 203, and OM 210 in the Fall, and then take FNAN 301 in the Spring?


provided you fit the prerequisites for ECON 103, ACCT 203, and OM 210 (OM 210 has a Math prerequisite)


The Global Education Office (GEO) at George Mason University provides one transcript per student free of charge.

You may order additional transcripts through the University Registrar's Office.

Cost of Transcript

Transcript Cost of international Shipping
$10 $41*
* To save on international shipping, you may order your transcript once your final grades are in (usually 48 hours after your last final exam) and request it to be "held for pickup" instead. Printing takes about two hours. You may then pick up your transcript at the Registrar's Office in SUB I, Room 2101.