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Cost Estimate Overview

Item Cost Description
Administrative Fee $500 to be paid to the Global Education Office (GEO) upon arrival
On-campus housing* (guaranteed for undergraduate students) $3,360-$4,615
per semester (double occupancy)
per semester (single occupancy)
Off-campus housing (on-campus housing is not available for graduate students) $550-$1,000
per month (room in a shared apartment)
per month (studio or one-bedroom apartment)
Health Insurance: Fall $1,236 coverage period 1/16/17 through 1/4/18
Health Insurance: Spring $1,918 coverage period 1/5/18 through 8/15/18
Food Expenses $400-$700 per month
Required Meal Plan $2,135-$2,535 required meal plan - for students living in residences without a kitchen (see Dining)
Optional Meal Plan $250-$1,100** optional meal plan** - for students living in residences with a kitchen (see Dining)
Shuttle Service Free with Mason ID Campus shuttle and local CUE buses
Metro $3-$5 /one-way Metro train to Washington, D.C.
Personal Expenses $350-$450 per month
Books $600 per semester (some books can be bought used or rented for less)

* See Housing Rates (Please note: Traditional Halls are reserved for first-year students only)

** Optional plans offer between 25 and 100 meals per semester.