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Parent and Student Roles

Parental, guardian and familial support is essential in helping students assume responsibility for their time abroad. Students will need parents, guardians and family for advice and assistance, and encouragement is crucial to the success of each student’s study abroad experience.

However, in order for students to get the most out of this experience, students will need to assume responsibility for the application process and preparation to go abroad. Studying abroad provides a student the opportunity for academic and personal growth, to challenge themselves and to experience the world from a new perspective. Students who invest personal effort in the entire process receive the most benefit. The Global Education Office (GEO), therefore, believes that students should assume responsibility for the study abroad experience they are about to have. We are here to guide and assist each student, through group and one-on-one advising, pre-departure orientations, and support while abroad.

Global Education adheres to George Mason University’s policy regarding communicating with parents under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). While we are happy to answer questions from parents, guardians and family, in many cases we are not able to share information due to FERPA regulations. In keeping with university policy, GEO considers it the student’s responsibility to keep parent(s), guardian(s), or family informed about the student’s progress at the university including enrollment in a study abroad program.


The Global Education Office is student-centered and will communicate with and send all correspondence directly to the student.