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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply. If you would like to request information from our staff about programs matching the search criteria you have selected, use the Request Info button.
You searched for Outgoing programs within any term, having (Area of Study equal to 'Art and Visual Technology'), sorted by Program City in ascending order.

Program search results
Program search results
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Australia - University of South Australia, Semester (Exchange) Adelaide Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Costa Rica - Internships in Atenas, Summer Atenas Costa Rica Central America
New Zealand - Massey University: Direct-Enroll, Semester Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Thailand - Internships in Bangkok, Summer Bangkok Thailand Asia
Germany - Internships in Berlin, Summer Berlin Germany Europe
Germany - Freie Universität of Berlin European Studies Program (FU-BEST): Direct-Enroll, Semester Berlin Germany Europe
Australia - Griffith University: Direct-Enroll, Semester Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Argentina - Internships in Buenos Aires, Summer Buenos Aires Argentina South America
South Africa - Internships in Cape Town, Summer Cape Town South Africa Africa
Ireland - Internships in Dublin, Summer Dublin Ireland Europe
U.K. - Abertay University, Semester (Exchange) Dundee United Kingdom Europe
Italy - Internships in Florence, Summer Florence Italy Europe
Italy - Florence Semester Experience: Mason-Led, Semester Florence Italy Europe
Ireland - University of Galway: Direct-Enroll, Semester Galway Ireland Europe
Australia - Griffith University: Direct-Enroll, Semester Gold Coast Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Hong Kong - Chinese University of Hong Kong, Semester (Exchange) Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
Hong Kong - City University of Hong Kong, Semester (Exchange) Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
Malta - University of Malta: Direct-Enroll, Semester Imsida Malta Europe
South Korea - Teaching English Internships and TEFL/TESOL Certification in Incheon, Summer incheon South Korea Asia
Turkey - Sabanci University Semester (Exchange) Istanbul Turkey Eurasia
Japan - Internships in Osaka/Kansai Region, Summer Kobe Japan Asia
Belgium - Howest University, Semester (Exchange) Kortrijk Belgium Europe
Japan - Internships in Osaka/Kansai Region, Summer Kyoto Japan Asia
U.K. - University of Westminster, Semester (Exchange) London United Kingdom Europe
U.K. - Internships in London, Summer (Anglo) London United Kingdom Europe
U.K. - King's College London, Summer London United Kingdom Europe
Spain - Internships in Madrid, Summer Madrid Spain Europe
India - Internships in Mumbai, Summer Mumbai India Asia
Japan -Teaching English Internships and TEFL/TESOL Certification, Summer Nagoya Japan Asia
Thailand - Mahidol University International College, Semester (Exchange) Nakhon Pathom Thailand Asia
Cyprus - University of Nicosia: Direct-Enroll, Semester Nicosia Cyprus Europe
U.K. - University of East Anglia, Semester (Exchange) Norwich United Kingdom Europe
Virtual - Global Internships, Summer Online United States North America
Japan - Internships in Osaka/Kansai Region, Summer Osaka Japan Asia
U.K. - Oxford Semester Experience: Mason-Led, Semester Oxford United Kingdom Europe
New Zealand - Massey University: Direct-Enroll, Semester Palmerston North New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
France - Internships in Paris, Summer Paris France Europe
Australia - Western Sydney University, Semester (Exchange) Parramatta Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Penrith Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Australia - Curtin University, Semester (Exchange) Perth Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Czech Republic - Internships in Prague, Summer Prague Czech Republic Europe
Mexico - Universidad de las Américas Puebla Semester (Exchange) Puebla Mexico Latin America
Ecuador - Internships in Quito, Summer Quito Ecuador South America
Ecuador - Universidad San Francisco de Quito: Exchange, Semester (Exchange) Quito Ecuador South America
Morocco - Internships in Rabat, Summer Rabat Morocco Africa
Italy - American University of Rome, Summer Rome Italy Europe
South Korea - Yonsei University, Semester (Exchange) Seoul South Korea Asia
South Korea - Internships in Seoul, Summer Seoul South Korea Asia
Singapore - Internships in Singapore, Summer Singapore Singapore Asia
South Africa - Stellenbosch University, Semester (Exchange) Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
South Africa - Stellenbosch University, Summer Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
Australia - University of New South Wales, Semester (Exchange) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Australia - Internships in Sydney, Summer Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Taiwan - National Taiwan University, Semester (Exchange) Taipei Taiwan Asia
Greece - American College of Thessaloniki, Summer Thessaloniki Greece Europe
Greece - American College of Thessaloniki: Direct-Enroll, Semester Thessaloniki Greece Europe
Japan - Internships in Tokyo, Summer Tokyo Japan Asia
Japan - Hosei University, Semester (Exchange) Tokyo Japan Asia
Various Locations - External Study Abroad Program Various Various Various
Various Locations - Build Your Own Internship (Scholarship Grants Awarded) Various Various Various
New Zealand - Massey University: Direct-Enroll, Semester Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands