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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply. If you would like to request information from our staff about programs matching the search criteria you have selected, use the Request Info button.
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Program search results
Program search results
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South Africa - Global Health, Governance, and Development: Contemporary Issues: Schar, Summer Cape Town South Africa Africa
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
Pretoria South Africa Africa
South Africa - Chains & Change: African Social Justice & Entrepreneurship: Mason-Led, Summer Cape Town South Africa Africa
Kenya - Emerging Global Infectious Diseases: Embedded, Summer Nairobi Kenya Africa
Nanyuki Kenya Africa
Eritrea - Challenging Narratives of Development in Post Conflict Settings: Mason-led S-CAR, Summer Asmara Eritrea Africa
Kenya - Social Work in a Global Context: A Cross-Cultural Experience: Embedded, Summer Kisumu Kenya Africa
Meru Kenya Africa
Nairobi Kenya Africa
Tanzania - Wildlife & Conservation Journalism in East Africa: Mason-led, Summer Arusha Tanzania Africa
Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa
Tarangire Tanzania Africa
Zanzibar Tanzania Africa
South Africa - Stellenbosch University, Summer Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
Malawi - Social Impact Internships, Summer Blantyre Malawi Africa
Japan - Game Studio Tour in Tokyo: Embedded, Summer Tokyo Japan Asia
Vietnam - Internships in Ho Chi Minh, Summer Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
Thailand - Paid Teaching Internships and TEFL/TESOL Certification, Summer Hua Hin Thailand Asia
Thailand - Internships in Hua Hin, Summer Hua Hin Thailand Asia
South Korea - Internships in Incheon, Summer incheon South Korea Asia
Myanmar - Internships in Yangon, Summer Yangon Myanmar Asia
South Korea - Regional Security: Korea and Northeast Asia: Schar, Summer Seoul South Korea Asia
Japan - Internships in Tokyo, Summer Tokyo Japan Asia
Japan - Japanese Arts and Well-Being, Mason-Led, Summer Hiroshima-shi Japan Asia
Kyoto Japan Asia
Tokyo Japan Asia
Japan - Internships in Osaka, Summer Osaka Japan Asia
South Korea - Korean Language and Culture: Mason-Led, Summer Jeju Island South Korea Asia
Jeonju South Korea Asia
Seoul South Korea Asia
Thailand - Internships in Bangkok, Summer Bangkok Thailand Asia
South Korea - Yonsei University, Summer Seoul South Korea Asia
Hong Kong - Chinese University of Hong Kong, Summer Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
China - Internships in Beijing, Summer Beijing China Asia
Philippines - Human Trafficking and Community Engagement: Mason-Led, Summer Bohol Philippines Asia
Davao Philippines Asia
Dumaguete Philippines Asia
Manila Philippines Asia
China - Chinese Language in Beijing: Mason-Led, Summer Beijing China Asia
Chongqing China Asia
Yichang China Asia
Hong Kong - Internships in Hong Kong, Summer Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
Singapore - Internships in Singapore, Summer Singapore Singapore Asia
South Korea - Mason Korea, Semester Songdo South Korea Asia
Japan - Japanese Language in Akita, Summer Akita Japan Asia
New Zealand - Internships at Massey University, Summer Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Australia - Internships in Sydney, Summer Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Australia - Australian Adventures: From Coral Reefs to Pacific Powerhouse: Mason-led, Summer Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Magnetic Island Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Townsville Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
New Zealand - Marine Mammalogy in New Zealand: Mason-led, Summer Kaikoura New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
France - Sciences Po, Summer Paris France Europe
Ireland - Personal Freedom in the Digital Age or Supreme Court, 2019 Term: LAW, Summer Dublin Ireland Europe
Greece - American College of Thessaloniki, Summer Thessaloniki Greece Europe
Ireland - A Musical Tour of Ireland: University Chorale: Embedded, Summer Dublin Ireland Europe
Galway Ireland Europe
Limerick Ireland Europe
Italy - Italian Language and Culture in Siena: Mason-led, Summer Siena Italy Europe
Hungary - Budapest: Migrants, Minorities, and Multinationals: Mason-led, Summer Budapest Hungary Europe
Italy - Archaeological Field School: Mason-led, Summer Barbarano Romano Italy Europe
Greece - Ecological Gastronomy of Messolonghi Lagoon: Mason-led, Summer Missolonghi Greece Europe
Greece - Historical Narratives and Policies Toward Protracted Displacement: Mason-led S-CAR, Summer Athens Greece Europe
Czech Republic - Internships in Prague, Summer Prague Czech Republic Europe
Switzerland - International Security Studies: Mason-Led, Summer Fribourg Switzerland Europe
Italy - National Security Institute: LAW, Summer Padua Italy Europe
France - EM Strasbourg, Summer (Exchange) Strasbourg France Europe
Netherlands - Free University of Amsterdam, Summer Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Italy - Geology Field Camp in the Dolomites: Mason-Led, Summer Toblach Italy Europe
U.K. - Disability Study in London/Southampton: Embedded, Summer Amesbury United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Southampton United Kingdom Europe
France - French for the Professions in Paris (FREN 390-001): Embedded, Summer Paris France Europe
Belgium/France/Netherlands - Law and Justice Around the World (CRIM 405, CRIM 308): Embedded, May Brussels Belgium Europe
Strasbourg France Europe
The Hague Netherlands Europe
U.K. - Harry Potter in Literature & Film: Mason-led, Summer Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Italy - Ethics, Human Rights and Peacebuilding: Mason-led S-CAR, Summer Arezzo Italy Europe
Croatia - Civil Discourse and High Threats: Croatia Overcoming Socio-Political Challenges: Schar, Summer Split Croatia Europe
Balkans - Reconciliation and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in the Aftermath of Mass Violence: Mason-Led, Summer Belgrade Serbia Europe
Dubrovnik Croatia Europe
Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Spain - Freshman STEM Academy - Mason-Led, Summer Madrid Spain Europe
Germany - Applied Engineering: SAIL, Summer Berlin Germany Europe
Dresden Germany Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Germany - Internships in Berlin, Summer Berlin Germany Europe
Italy - Leadership, the Italian Perspective: SAIL, Summer Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Venice Italy Europe
Spain - DecaTech, Summer (Exchange) Madrid Spain Europe
U.K. - Hooligans & Homicide: Law Enforcement: Mason-Led, Summer Belfast United Kingdom Europe
Dublin Ireland Europe
Dumfries United Kingdom Europe
Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
Leeds United Kingdom Europe
Liverpool United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Reading United Kingdom Europe
U.K. - Oxford University: Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Global Marketplace or Britain Beyond Brexit: Global Challenges and Opportunities: Schar, Summer Oxford United Kingdom Europe
Spain - Internships in Barcelona, Summer Barcelona Spain Europe
Ireland - Internships in Dublin, Summer Dublin Ireland Europe
Italy - Internships in Florence, Summer Florence Italy Europe
Italy - Internships in Milan, Summer Milano Italy Europe
France - Internships in Paris, Summer Paris France Europe
Italy - Geology Field Camp: Apennine Mountains, Vesuvius, and Rome: Mason-Led, Summer Camerino Italy Europe
Pompeii Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Italy - Italian Media, Society and Culture in Milan: Mason-Led, Summer Milano Italy Europe
Turin Italy Europe
Ireland - Ireland and the Arts: Myths, Music, Stories & Dance: Mason-Led, Summer Dublin Ireland Europe
Galway Ireland Europe
Ireland - Politicians, Paramilitaries, and Peace in Northern Ireland: CRDC, Summer Belfast United Kingdom Europe
Derry/Londonderry United Kingdom Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: CRDC, Summer Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe
France - French Language in Paris: Mason-Led, Summer Paris France Europe
Germany - Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin (FUBiS), Summer Berlin Germany Europe
Ireland - National University of Ireland, Galway, Summer Galway Ireland Europe
U.K. - King's College London, Summer London United Kingdom Europe
U.K. - Oxford University: Mason-Led, Summer Oxford United Kingdom Europe
Italy - American University of Rome, Summer Rome Italy Europe
U.K. - Internships in London, Summer (Anglo) London United Kingdom Europe
Spain - Spanish Language and Culture in Granada: Mason-Led, Summer Granada Spain Europe
Jordan - Arabic Language in Amman: Mason-led, Summer Amman Jordan Middle East
Aqaba Jordan Middle East
Wadi Rum Jordan Middle East
Jordan - Field Work with Syrian Refugees: CRDC, Spring Break/Summer Amman Jordan Middle East
Cuba - Dance and Culture: Mason-Led, Summer Baracoa Cuba North America
Guantanamo Cuba North America
Santiago de Cuba Cuba North America
Japan - Japanese Arts and Well-Being, Mason-Led, Summer Fairfax, Virginia United States North America
Canada - Internships in Toronto, Summer Toronto Canada North America
Canada - French Language in Montreal, Summer Montreal Canada North America
Argentina - Internships in Buenos Aires, Summer Buenos Aires Argentina South America
Brazil - Internships in Curitiba, Summer Curitiba Brazil South America
Peru - Maternal Child Health: Mason-Led, Summer Altiplano Peru South America
Cusco Peru South America
Lima Peru South America
Machu Picchu Peru South America
Maska Peru South America
Peru - Andean Archaeology and Culture: Mason-Led, Summer Aguas Calientes Peru South America
Chiclayo Peru South America
Cusco Peru South America
Huaraz Peru South America
Lima Peru South America
Machu Picchu Peru South America
Nazca Peru South America
Trujillo Peru South America
Chile - Internships at University of the Andes, Summer Santiago Chile South America
Brazil - Energy and Social Entrepreneurship: Mason-led, Summer Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America
Various Locations - The Global Praxis Various Various Various
Various Locations - Build Your Own Internship Various Various Various
Various Locations - External Study Abroad Program Various Various Various