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Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA (Undergraduate): 2.25 Language of Instruction: English
Number of Credits Offered: 6 Eligible Population: 01 Freshman, 02 Sophomore, 03 Junior, 04 Senior, General Public, Graduate, Non-Degree Seeking, Other, PhD
Prerequisite: No Type of Program: Faculty-led
Click here for a definition of this term Area of Study: Art History, Sociology, History Click here for a definition of this term Study Abroad Host: Global Education Office
Open to non-Mason Students: Yes Program eligible for VA Benefits: Yes
Program Description:

Art and Memory in Rome and Florence

Italy, Summer 2022

Italy: Art and Memory

Fall Info Sessions

In-person at the Global Education Office (Johnson Center, Room 235):

  • Tuesday, September 7: 4:00PM-5:00PM
  • Tuesday, September 14: 4:00PM-5:00PM 
  • Monday, September 20: 2:00PM-3:00PM 
  • Tuesday, September 28: 12:00PM-1:00PM 
  • Thursday, October 28: 3:30PM-4:30PM 
  • Tuesday, November 2: 4:00PM-5:00PM 
  • Thursday, November 9: 3:30PM-4:30PM


Program Overview

The art, architecture, and archaeological sites of Rome and Florence have fascinated travelers for the past 500 years. In this program most lectures will be given on site, transforming these Italian cities into experiential classrooms and learning labs. We will engage in two approaches: in one, students will have the unique opportunity to experience artworks as their original viewers did and as their creators intended. The other approach unpacks the artificial environments for viewing works of art created by figures ranging from Roman emperors, to Renaissance Popes, to the Fascist dictator Mussolini. You will become familiar with the cities of Rome and Florence neighborhood by neighborhood as we visit museums, archaeological sites, churches and palaces. Day trips to Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli, the Tuscan town of Arezzo and the beautifully preserved Medieval center of Siena will expand the participants understanding and appreciation of artworks and their display.

Art and Memory in Rome and Florence is a four-week study abroad experience, which satisfies two important GMU undergraduate requirements:  Mason Core Synthesis and Mason Core Arts requirement. This program then provides students the chance to complete two essential requirements for graduation in under a month, during the summer between semesters, and with the additional benefit of a global education perspective. 

Program Highlights: 

Centered in the Eternal City of Rome and Florence, Birthplace of the Renaissance, this program embraces its cities as our classroom. Must-see attractions include:
  • Pantheon
  • Nero’s Golden House
  • Famous ancient Roman works of sculpture, including the Laocoon, Dying Gaul and Bronze Boxer
  • St. Peters and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Palace
  • Michelangelo’s ‘David’
  • Paintings by Caravaggio
  • Day trips to Hadrian’s Villa, the Villa d’Este, a Medici fortress, a small Roman amphitheater at Arezzo, the Piazza Pubblico in Siena where the famous Palio horse-race runs, and the whimsical yet peculiar ‘Monster Park’ (Parco dei mostri) at Bomarzo 
Program fees include breakfasts, Monday through Friday dinners in Rome. You will also have some free days to travel and explore on your own.



All undergraduate students are welcome to apply including students who do not attend George Mason University. Minimum 2.2 GPA.


6 Credits

Tentative Course Options

  • ARTH 342: The High Renaissance * Arts requirement
  • ARTH 394: The Museum (Antiquity on Display) * Synthesis requirement
  • ARTH 303: National Traditions
  • ARTH 398: Study Abroad in the History of Art
  • HIST 387: Topics in Global History * Global Understanding 
  • HIST 388: Topics in European History
  • HIST 398: Study Abroad in History
  • SOCI 395: Special Topics in Sociology
  • SOCI 377: Art and Society * Synthesis requirement

Tentative Program Dates: 

May 22 – June 21, 2022


Tentative Itinerary 

Sunday Arrival Day:
Afternoon neighborhood walk: Monte Verde Vecchio and Parco Garibaldi

Monday Day 1
AM: A brief History of Rome (Gregg)
A brief History of Artistic Styles 13th-17th cent. (Bauman)
PM: San Clemente and introduction to the Centro Storico (Gregg)

Tuesday Day 2
AM: Aventine and Testaccio (Gregg/Bauman)
PM: Forum Boarium to Campo de’ Fiori

Wednesday Day 3
AM: Piazza del Popolo to the Spanish Steps (Bauman)
PM: Villa Giulia: Introduction to classical sculptural styles, vase painting & jewelry
        Introduction to the Museum Critique worksheet

Thursday Day 4
AM: Palazzo Massimo: ancient paintings, mosaics and copies (Gregg)
PM: Monte and Quirinal neighborhoods: Sant' Andrea, San Carlino, Sta Maria della Vittoria (Bauman)

Friday Day 5
AM: Centro Lecture: Rome e renovatio: The Ambitions of Julius II (Old St. Peter’s) (Bauman)
PM: Ara Pacis Museum and Piazza Imperatore Augusto (Gregg)

Saturday Day 6
Farnesina Villa Visit (Bauman)
City scavenger hunt, due Day 9

Sunday Day 7
Day off

Monday Day 8
AM: Centro Lecture on Sistine Chapel and Last Judgment (Bauman)
PM: Vatican Museums with permesso for Gregorio Profano (Gregg)

Tuesday Day 9
AM: Domus Aurea (Gregg)
PM: Column of Trajan and Markets of Trajan Museum (Gregg)
        Fascist intervention in the center of the city
        Trevi Fountain (Bauman)

Wednesday Day 10
Day trip outside of Rome:
AM: Hadrian’s Villa (Gregg)
PM: Lunch and Villa d’Este in Tivoli (Bauman)

Thursday Day 11
AM: Palazzo Altemps (Gregg)
PM: Campo Marzio (Gregg) around Piazza Navona: Four Rivers, San Luigi dei Francesci, S Agostino (Bauman)

Friday Day 12
AM: Visit to St. Peters: Interior, piazza (Bauman)
PM: Peer Review of notebooks

Saturday Day 13
AM: Pantheon and Sant'Ignazio, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Campo Marzio redux (Gregg/Bauman)
PM: Afternoon off

Sunday Day 14
Off-set Weekend: Free weekend for travel/leisure in Rome

Monday Day 15
Monday as a Weekend day

Tuesday Day 16
AM (later start): Santa Maria Aracoeli & Campidoglio (Bauman)
PM: Capitoline Museums (Gregg)

Wednesday Day 17
AM: Centrale Montemartini Museum: autoptic museum ‘quiz’ (Gregg)
PM: On your own—packing and farewell to Rome

Thursday Day 18
Transfer to Florence/Bomarzo (Parco dei Mostri, Gregg/Bauman)

Friday Day 19
AM: Introduction to Florentine Urbanism
       Walk from Piazza Signoria (republic) past Oratoria San Michele (guilds) to Duomo (church) (Bauman/Gregg)
PM: Santa Croce and Brancacci Chapel

Saturday Day 20
AM: Bargello
PM Accademia and Michelangelo

Sunday Day 21
Day trip to Siena: Palazzo Pubblico/Museo Civico, Duomo, Museo del Opera del Duomo

Monday Day 22
Day trip to Arezzo: Piero della Francesco chapel in San Francisco (Bauman), Archaeological Museum (Gregg), Casa Vasari (Greg/Bauman), Medici fortress

Tuesday Day 23
AM: The Medici (Bauman)
PM: Uffizi – the classical world (Gregg)

Wednesday Day 24
AM: Florence and the classical world
PM: Uffizi – Renaissance painting (Bauman)

Thursday Day 25
AM: Sculpture in Context
PM: Afternoon off

Friday Day 26
Day off

Saturday Day 27
Exam day
Closing dinner

Sunday Day 28
Departure day

 * Dates and itinerary subject to change. The Global Education Office reserves the right to make changes to a program in light of currency fluctuations, changing security and safety conditions, and/or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Program Cost

Summer 2022: 
Summer 2021: $5,500

The Program Cost for study abroad courses is assessed separately from Mason tuition and fees. This means separate charges will be put on your student account for this course, a study abroad tuition charge and a study abroad program fee charge which together equal the published Program Cost for this course.

  • application deposit
  • tuition for 6 credits and mandatory fees
  • accommodations
  • entrance fees/tours/guides as described in itinerary
  • in-country transportation
  • pre-departure orientation 
  • international emergency medical insurance
  • Meals: all breakfasts in Rome and Florence; dinners Monday through Friday in Rome.

Not included: 
  • airfare*
  • passport
  • visa fees
  • some meals
  • personal spending
  • COVID-19 testing in the U.S. before departure
  • COVID-19 testing while abroad
  • vaccinations
  • required textbooks and/or course materials

You will also have some free days to travel and explore on your own. If you plan to travel on your own, this should be included in your personal budget. 

*Note: This program does not include a group flight. Information regarding arrival times and location will be sent out to all participants after the application deadline. Do not purchase airfare until you receive the "Green Light for Flights" notice from the Global Education Office via email.

The notice will include information on the arrival/departure airports, flight times, and where to meet the group. Students who fail to follow the guidelines GEO sends out will be responsible for applicable costs of changing their flights and/or costs associated with arriving prior to the start of the program. When the time comes to purchase airfare, GEO will recommend the purchase of Flight Interruption and Cancellation Insurance. The “Green Light for Flights” email will provide additional information about this insurance.  

Program Payments

The full program fee is charged to your Mason Student Account. Students pay the Global Education Office (GEO) Program Fee as advertised in two payments (Application Deposit + Final Payment.)
Application Deposit: $200 non-refundable application deposit must be received by the application deadline. This fee is paid online through the MasonAbroad application system and is included in the program fee.
Final Payment: The final balance payment is made through the Mason Bill+Payment system. Payment is due according to the Mason Payment Schedule. The amount due is the difference of your Program Cost minus the $200 you will have already paid, the Application Deposit.
Note: You can make your final payment in the Mason Bill+Payment system even if you do not see the GEO program charge on your student account. George Mason University applies payments to outstanding charges first. If you have an outstanding balance from a previous semester your payments will first go to paying that charge. You will still be responsible for the GEO charge.

Financial Aid: 
In most cases, financial aid (federal, state, institutional financial aid, scholarships, grants or loans) can be used to finance study abroad. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the Office of Financial Aid to review their financial aid package. The Office of Financial Aid is the only office that can determine your aid eligibility.
Meeting with your financial aid officer prior to applying to study abroad will help you understand if, how much, and when your aid can be used to study abroad.
Confirmation of your financial aid award may not be available until registration and billing for the term in question is final. If aid eligibility changes, or the amount of aid disbursed is lower than anticipated, students are responsible for all remaining account balances or risk late fees, holds on their accounts, and program dismissal.
To assist students in the processing of their financial aid, GEO will communicate with the Office of Financial aid those students who plan to utilize financial aid for their specific study abroad program through their application with GEO.  Please note there is no guarantee to students that their aid can be utilized for their specific study abroad program.

If you plan to use federal, state, institutional financial aid, scholarships, grants or loans to finance your study abroad you must:
  • Mark “Yes” to “Do you plan to use Financial Aid to finance your program (federal, state, institutional financial aid, scholarships, grants or loans)?” in your profile in

After acceptance: * Students must be enrolled at least half-time for federal loans and the majority of grant funds. Please refer to the Financial Aid Website for a definition of half-time for undergraduate and graduate students:  

VA Benefits: The Veterans Administration determines if a program is eligible to receive VA benefit payments based on the participants VA education program. Use of benefits is dependent on type of benefit and type of program. If you plan to use VA benefits to finance study abroad contact your program officer at to request the "Intent to Use VA Benefits Form." You will complete that form with Mason’s Office of Military Services. To contact Military Services be sure to email them directly at

Withdrawal and Refund Policy: All participants are bound by the Mason GEO Withdrawal and Refund Policy.

Payment Instructions

For more information on payments, financial aid, and information for non-Mason students:



GEO offers a number of need- and merit-based scholarships. All Mason students are welcome to apply:


Application Deadline:

March 10


Application requirements:*

Program Deposit: $200 for all applicants.

Course Selection Questionnaire: You will choose the course(s) you would like to be receive credit for on this program. Check the "Academics" tab to see what courses are offered on this program. If you need help selecting your course, check with your academic advisor.

Passport Status Questionnaire: You do not need a passport to complete this questionnaire or the application. However, if you do not have a valid passport, you should begin applying for one now. The Global Education Office offers Passport Grants to help.

Signature Documents: Read and electronically "sign" the documents regarding the acknowledgement of risk, the pre-departure orientation, and your financial responsibility.Application requirements:* 

Additional requirements for non-Mason applicants:

  • Official transcript: To be mailed or emailed to the Global Education Office at George Mason University.
  • Non-degree Contract Course/Admission Form: Please complete the form and upload it into the questionnaire.
* Additional application requirements may apply to individual programs. Once you open your application, you will see all application requirements.

Application instructions:

Academic Director

  greg lisa
Name Christopher Gregg, PhD   Lisa Bauman, PhD

GEO Program Administrator

Name Allie Wallace (she/her)
Phone 703-993-3082

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2022 03/10/2022 ** Rolling Admission 05/22/2022 06/21/2022

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.